9 April 2013

Travel: By the sea in Wicklow

Easter saw a well-earned break across the Irish sea with my R to visit the father-in-law. We didn't do an awful lot as we were both pretty shattered from a particularly hectic work schedule, but we did find the time to cook, sleep and go on lots of long walks (and in my case, a couple of runs too as I'm currently training for a 10k).

Wicklow is a pretty little town about 40 minutes south of Dublin and is a small commercial port, which appealed enormously to me as I love the juxtaposition of beautiful old buildings, water and machinery. The Wicklow Mountains are also well worth a visit. We didn't visit these this time, settling for lots of sea front and cliffside walks, but the views from the top are phenomenal.

We were spoilt with the weather too - while London was cold and rainy, we had six days of beautiful sunshine.

Wicklow Port

Wicklow beach and coastline

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